Wooden Hut

     For my 58th birthday I received a wonderful gift from my son. Gilad, being a computer wiz, built for me an Internet site we named “YOAVIATION”. The title chosen combines my name, Yoav, with my primary interest in life, Aviation. Aviation is also the name of the High School from which I graduated, way back in 1980.
     For over 40 years, I have built model airplanes and enjoyed sharing the experience of my builds with fellow modelers. From the initial one on one conversations at "The Model Shop" in Queens New York, my hobby slowly evolved into an art. Through the years, I've enjoyed both learning and sharing of my experience with fellow modelers at hobby shops, IPMS meetings, articles in Fine Scale Modeler and Scale Aircraft Modelling and on Facebook.

     As an aircraft enthusiast, my primary field of interest is researching the colors, markings and history of the Israeli Air Force. One can not be familiar with the aircraft of the Israeli Air Force without appreciating the beauty of the aircraft flown by its Arab neighbors. That being said, growing up in the United States of America during the 1970's and 80's, I'm also keen on USAF and USN jet fighters. 

     In time, I hope to share with you articles that encompass my interests, so welcome to my new venture. I hope you will find it useful and entertaining. 


Yoav Efrati